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Financial Management Pdf indir

Financial Management Pdf indir

Financial Management pdf indir, Reference türünde kaleme alınan Financial Management kitap ile ilgili özet bilgiler. Financial Management kitabı yazar Kolektif tarafından kaleme alınmıştır. Financial Management kitabı 1. Basım sayfadan oluşmakta olup 2020 ile basılmıştır. İngilizce ebatında olan Financial Management kitabın Nobel Akademik Yayıncılık tarafından yayınlanmıştır. Yazımızda Financial Management pdf oku, Financial Management PDF yandex, Financial Management PDF Drive gibi indirme linklerinden indirebilirsiniz.

Financial Management PDF Oku

This is a precious book for the students of finance, economics and business administration who want to gain knowledge on financial institutions, calculations and markets. On the other hand I strongly recommend this book who want to learn these complicated topics in an easy way. Dr. Mahfi Eğilmez This book covers all topics related to financial management. The most important feature of the book is that it contains plenty of examples on each subject in order to facilitate students’ comprehension. In addition, it will be easier to understand the unit as a whole with the end of the section evaluations consisting of classic and test questions. Many factors have been instrumental in the emergence of this book. First of all, there are over a hundred business management and similar departments providing education in English at universities in Turkey. Among the books taught in these schools, the number of financial management books written in English is extremely limited. Second, the English financial Management books used in these schools are of UK and North American origin. So theories, examples, practices are largely related to these countries. Third, financial management books written and sold in the UK and North America are very expensive, which is quite high for students studying in Turkey. Fourth, as a developing country, financial practices in Turkey, the financial structures and environment of companies are quite different from developed countries. The challenges mentioned above are the main sources of motivation for writing this book. The faculty members involved in the book’s writing are people who have experienced those challenges. All have a long educational background and besides they are involved in the financial markets and some of whom are in decision-making positions. Each of the sections contains real world and Turkey examples, values, current financial practices and new theories. The price of this book has been kept as low as possible. Thus, it is aimed to contribute to both our students and the economy of the country. Financial managers, students, academicians and other interested in the financial sector will benefit from the theories, examples, problem solutions and recommendations contained in the book. We wish the book to be useful to students and all interested in finance.